Bio Technology

While automated and smart technologies are taking over our day to day lives, ranging from self-driven cars to smart homes, you may feel like biotechnology is not catching up! With datasets becoming complex and experiments becoming dangerous, it is important to automate life sciences.

 Using Smart Technologies in Your Biotechnology Labs

Our experts are here to help you with this! We believe that life science alias biotechnology is an important sector that should use automation. Through automation, quality improvements and production will become easier. Our ultimate goal is to achieve 100% automation in biotechnology! We want to help the journey of many biotech and pharma companies.
 Why Us?
 So, does your biotechnology sector have room for serious improvements? Do you want to work with experienced automation technicians? Are you read to improve life sciences for a better and brighter future? If yes, look no further! By hiring us, you will work with experts who have years of experience and vision in automation.

Here is a brief extract on why our automation services are important:

When you have a fully automated biotechnology lab, you will be able to replace human beings with accurate robots and devices. Sophisticated machines can be used to monitor all your experiments. In fact, you can use powerful devices to integrate mission-critical data too. These changes will definitely increase productivity and also enhance reproducibility and accuracy. But, is the world really looking forward for this?

According to a study that was published by “Nature”, biotechnology is undergoing a reproducibility crisis. More than 70% of researchers have tried and failed in reproducing what was done by previous scientists. In fact, 50% are unable to reproduce their previous results. Due to reproducibility crisis, the US has lost around 28 billion USD. With our automation solutions and skilled strategies, you can avoid the risks of reproducibility crisis. This way, you can engage in fruitful and life-saving research.

Our Services

Our services will help you form an advanced, automated lab environment. We make use of up-to-date hardware and software programs for automation. A lot of companies are aiming on transformations we have achieved. We want to replace manual efforts with sound technology. Regardless of how complicated or tacky your biotechnology lab is; we can help you! We have experience, the right equipment and skilled technicians to assist your “adventure”. Together, you will be able to save lots of time and money.

The Ultimate Bottom Line

As you convert from manual drudgery to robots and software, you will see a drastic change in performance. Indeed, pipetting robots and liquid handling machines have been around for quite some time. These are devices are known for its expensive and challenging nature. Luckily, you have use to decode these devices for you. Our trained experts will help you program and use all kinds of systems to certain specifics. We believe that sophisticated tools can accomplish experiments at a cheaper, more reproducible and faster way. So, don’t think twice! Choose us and redefine your biotech-automation experience. 

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